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J.T. Enterprises has been custom home builder for 25 years. As a framing contractor, Jeff Davison (J.T.) built over three hundred homes in the Charlottesville, Virginia area, including every type of home construction possible. We have built many roof and ceiling designs such as octagons, trays, barrel ceilings, and opposing cathedrals.

J.T. and his highly experienced custom home construction team can make any custom home design a reality. We are dedicated to building unique homes that have a style of their own. We specialize in dramatic ceiling designs with a flare you will not find in other Charlottesville homes. Each floor plan is carefully designed with all living aspects considered. J.T. designs many of our custom home plans himself. When we design a home, we realize that light, furniture, storage, comfort, and feel must all be considered during the process.

We believe in using only the best quality materials and methods in residential construction to build a home by J.T. Enterprises. We are committed to building a custom home that exceeds the standard building requirements and codes. We are continuously researching new products and methods to improve the quality and design of our homes. No matter what the budget, we approach every custom home as luxury home builders.

All of our sub-contractors are chosen from only the best in their businesses. We believe there are no "Jacks of all Trades". Our sub-contractors are masters of their trades. Quality is achieved by specializing in one area and mastering it. When each phase of home construction is performed by the best sub-contractors, the end product is superior.

The videos below will help to better acquaint you with J.T. and the way our construction company can help to make your custom home construction dreams come true. Click on the thumbnails below to view the video of your choice.

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